Unilever Internship Programme

Unilever Internship Programme 2020; Unilever offers internships to students in many of our offices around the world. Placements range in duration from 12 weeks to a year. What’s constant everywhere is the hands-on experience you’ll get working in one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. Come and be part of a team at Unilever that’s working to create better futures every day.

Unilever is known as one of the world’s largest companies when it comes to consumer products.  They offer brilliant brands, an ecological vision along with a team of dedicated, dynamic people.  Their aim is to meet demands daily in all fields pertaining to personal care, hygiene as well as nutrition.  If it makes people feel good, look good and get the ultimate out of life, Unilever is there.  They supply over 400 brands of products to more than 2 billion people worldwide, on a daily basis.

Their internships durations vary from 12 weeks, up until 12 months.  You too can become part of a unique team at Unilever.  They offer great understanding with ample skills to deserving candidates.  Additionally, Unilever also presents a Trainee Management Program and a Future Leaders Program.

Unilever gives hands-on experience, within an international company.  They are constantly looking for talented young individuals who aim to become more, who are proud and willing to learn.