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Code 14 Learnership Opportunities in South Africa

Transport and logistic companies in South Africa prioritize applicants with the code 14 learnership qualifications or certifications when hiring drivers. This article lists institutes that offer code 14 learnership opportunities in South Africa and some basic requirements applicants must meet to enroll in these training programs.


Since driver job opportunities have become so competitive, you need more than a driving license to stand out. It would help if you considered going for a code 14 learnership because it will help you get on-the-job training. Below are some institutes that offer the code 14 learnership, with no experience required from the applicant.

List of code 14 learnership opportunities in 2024

Some of the institutions that offer code 14 learnership opportunities in South Africa are:


  • Denotech Training Institute
  • SADES Driving School
  • Innovative Learning Solutions
  • Imperial Logistics Academy
  • He & She Driving School
  • Easy Way Driving School
  • Thupello Driving Academy
  • CPD Academy
  • Honeybee Driving School

Since a code 14 learnership enables one to secure employment in logistics companies and businesses that require cargo transportation services, you should consider enrolling in these training programs. Below are more details about schools that offer code 14 learnership in 2024:

1. Denotech Training Institute

  • Address: Office 505 (S), The Markade Building, 84 Albertina Sisulu Street, Johannesburg
  • Call: 012 023 0132 / 076 310 4216 / 063 853 6993
  • Website:

The Denotech Training Institute is among SA’s leading heavy machines training colleges. The school has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers accredited courses covering heavy/civil construction, transport, and automotive industries.

The institute’s code 14 learnship program was developed by experienced drivers and trainers. The course is for learner drivers who have just received their learner’s license, novice drivers who need to improve their driving techniques, and experienced drivers who want to refresh their skills.

2. SADES Driving School

The SADES Driving School has extensive experience preparing students for their learner licenses and practical driving tests. The school’s learnership program for code 14 drivers allows you to drive a vehicle over 16 000 kg, with a trailer over 750 kg, and code 8, 10, and EB vehicles.

3. Innovative Learning Solutions

  • Address: 5 Van Dyk Rd, Boksburg East Industrial, Boksburg
  • Call: +27 12 010 0414
  • WhatsApp: +27 63 298 9876 / +27 78 188 3325
  • Website:

The Innovative Learning Solutions is one of Africa’s biggest CODE 14 truck driver training and testing centers. It trains and assesses code 14 drivers for trucking companies looking for employees. Additionally, the institute helps drivers bolster their chances of finding employment and boost their CVs. Through the code 14 learnership opportunities, the school continues to place more competent truck drivers on the road.

4. Imperial Logistics Academy

Invest in yourself by enrolling in an Imperial Logistics code 14 learnership course. Over the years, the school has prepared and produced drivers who can adapt to the changing driving conditions of Southern Africa. Code 14 is the highest driving license class in South Africa, and most people who acquire it use the license in the passenger and goods transport sectors. You should log into the school’s website to find an Imperial Logistics code 14 learnership application form.

5. He & She Driving School

You need to be over the age of 18 years, have a valid learner’s license, an ID book or ID card, and proof of address to book a K53 driver test with the He & She Driving School. A code EC license allows you to drive a vehicle over 16,000 kg with a trailer over 750 kg, and code B(08), code EC1(10), and code C(11) vehicles with or without a trailer.


6. Easy Way Driving School

The Easy Way code 14 learnership courses are affordable. This black-owned company was established to provide professional training to drivers. Within over 10 years, Easy Way has emerged as one of the leading driving schools of choice for corporations and individual clients.

7. Thupello Driving Academy

Code 14 learnership fees at Thupello Driving Academy are affordable. This Pretoria-based driving school develops competent drivers. The school was established in 2014 to tailor training to suit its client’s requirements.

8. CPD Academy

Commercial Professional Driver Academy (CPD Academy) offers code 14 learnership in Mpumalanga. The school aims to deliver a constant stream of professionally trained drivers annually for transport companies and the labor market. CPD Academy has over 10 years of experience.

9. Honeybee Driving School

The Honeybee Driving School offers code 14 learnership in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. The school specializes in assisting learners who need additional support and information during training. It also trains learners who have developed a fear of driving or repeatedly failed their tests.


This organization offers code 14 learnership nationwide and in neighboring countries on request. Hazchemwize Pty LTD was established in 2002 and has over 20 years of experience offering various standard-based courses throughout South Africa.

How how do you get learnership for code 14?

Most institutes offering code 14 learnership programs require applicants who are at least 18 years of age, have a learners driving license, have an ID or passport, have proof of address, and communicate fluently in English or Afrikaans.

Is a CV needed for a code 14 leadership?

Some driving schools will request a curriculum vitae. Nonetheless, most don’t require this document because they offer code 14 training, which does not require experience from the learner.

Can a code 14 learnership be online?

Code 14 leadership courses are mostly field-based. You need to practice most of the driving skills these training programs teach. Although some concepts are taught theoretically in a classroom, fieldwork or practice is highly encouraged.

What can you do with code 14?

A code EC license allows you to drive a vehicle weighing over 16 000 kg with a trailer weighing over 750 kg, and code B(08), code EC1(10), and code C(11) vehicles with or without a trailer.

Why apply for a code 14 learnership?

This training program teaches drivers essential skills needed in the transport and logistics sector, practical sessions improve one’s skills and competency, and you can study part-time while working or doing other things.

What happens after completing a code 14 learnership?

Drivers with code 14 learnership certifications can work in transport and logistics companies or any organization and individuals that needs similar services.

How much is a code 14 salary in South Africa?

According to data from, a licensed truck driver earns around R10 157 per month in South Africa – or roughly R121 884 a year. A comparative salary data from shows that the average pay is R148 650 per year or R16 530 per month.

Code 14 learnership opportunities are for people interested in working in the transport and logistics companies. You should have passed your learners driving test before enrolling for a code 14 learnership since this training is only meant to sharpen your driving skills.